It all starts with:

You may want to keep your own books, or you may want to focus on your core business services. We are happy either way and will work with you on your raw data input to ensure it’s completed accurately. That means we can turn it into information that you can use throughout the year. read more

The next stage is

We simplify the production of year end accounts helping you make tax-efficient decisions through the year. Whether you operate as a sole-trader, a partnership or as a limited company, we can help your efficiency, financial problem-solving and decision-making based on useful accurate figures. And yes we can help you grow through company formation as well as offering you help with other business processes. read more

If you have staff you may need our

Payroll Services
If you have any number of employees whether one or one hundred, we have the knowledge and information to minimise your time input and the associated cost of that. We make sure your filing obligations are met. We’ll help keep your staff content with wages and bonuses on time and you happy by being able to forecast that aspect of your cash flow. read more

If cash is king, knowledge is power.

Management Accounting
Having a monthly or quarterly assessment of what your business is doing can help show you what you are doing right and where your profit is. We can help you identify key people and functions to help you pinpoint potential opportunities early and adapt quickly to maximise your profit. read more

And many people need help with

Taxation and Tax Returns
We prepare tax returns for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We also calculate any tax due, and we file the tax returns on your behalf. We know the deadlines for filing tax returns and will inform you of both the deadline for your tax return and the penalties that can be avoided by meeting those deadlines. The new HM Revenue & Customs penalty regime means that it can be costly if you do not file you returns on time. Not only will you have to pay the penalties, but you will be subject to interest and may be subject to penalties on late payment as well. You will find that it is far more cost effective to pay us to prepare and file your returns within the required time limits than to pay any resultant penalties for late filing. read more

VAT is one of those things that on the surface might seem straightforward, but when you look a little further it isn’t so simple. What goods and services do you need to charge VAT on? If an item isn’t subject to VAT is it zero rated or is it exempt? What’s the difference? If it is subject to VAT is it standard rated or subject to a reduced rate? Should I be VAT registered? If I become VAT registered which VAT scheme would be best for me? We can help with these questions and others that you may have.

We can provide you with management accounts, monthly or quarterly, reconcile your bank account, prepare and file your VAT returns, produce your annual accounts for you or provide your accountant with accounts to Trial Balance. We can do as much or as little as you require. It won’t cost any more than your time to talk to us, we will not only listen to you but can help you to decide what you need us to do for you.
We also offer

We are experienced users of Sage and QuickBooks Accounting software as well as Microsoft Excel and are happy to offer training in these areas. Call us to find out more.