The Driving Force Behind Synergy

Koreen James FMAAT

Koreen is a Member in Practice of The Association of Accounting Technicians, which means that she is both licensed and regulated by the AAT. However Koreen is also a Fellow Member which is an acknowledgement by the AAT of her senior status in terms of knowledge and experience. This acknowledgment of her sustained professionalism and advanced expertise is an indication to any business that does not have its own in house expertise and who is looking to engage the services of an outside organisation that the organisation they are considering is capable of providing a high standard of service with skilled and experienced personnel.

Koreen works with a team of other specialists to keep your costs to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest level of service.

Koreen is also very approachable and a long way from the classic stuffy accountant.

Koreen is definitely not just a bean counter!

Not just another bean counter..