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If you are a small business, Koreen understands how tough that can be, not only has she worked with small businesses throughout the last 17 years, she has run her own too.

Koreen has experience of running a public house as well as an accounting practice.  She also has managerial experience in buying, selling and sales administration.

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Whilst Synergy Accounting may only have been in Teignmouth for 2 years, the practice has operated out of West Cornwall for 17 years.  We know what it is like to live and operate a business in a small seaside town.  The good and the bad.  Beautiful views, lovely community atmosphere, friendly welcoming people.  Seasonal trade, weather dependent, sudden need for additional space and staff to cope with the increased footfall and then, at the end of the short sharp flurry that is the height of the holiday season, having to lay off staff and close off sections of the premises as the holiday makers disappear as quickly as they came.

If your perception, or even worse your experience, of accountants has been a lack of communication, and a lack of understanding of your situation.  Accountants who talk of things that make absolutely no sense to you, as if you were as familiar with their world as they are, and if you are looking for someone with a different approach then look no further.  You will find that Synergy Accounting have brought the same straight forward approach to Teignmouth that they have always employed.

Synergy Accounting offer a free initial, no obligation, consultation for anyone who is seeking the services of an accounting practice.

What have you got to lose, and more importantly what could you gain, contact us today


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Koreen is a Member in Practice of The Association of Accounting Technicians, which means that she is both licensed and regulated by the AAT. However Koreen is also a Fellow Member which is an acknowledgement by the AAT of her senior status in terms of knowledge and experience.
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